Bioskills & Post-Market Physician Training

Take advantage of our bioskills training facility, with state-of-the-art surgical suite and support services.

Surgical training services for surgeons and sales teams.

We offer bioskills training for medical device companies to:

  • educate their sales force on new devices and technology
  • provide hands-on experience to surgeons who use their devices

These programs are suitable for interventional cardiology, endoscopy, orthopedic, and other procedures for companies unable to hold their own events, or with a need to host an event in another region of the country.

We provide a bioskills training capabilities at a comprehensive contract research organization (CRO) laboratory which utilizes facilities already in place, with personnel trained in handling multiple laboratory species, and with available surgical suite space. We work together with you to hold the event, we provide the space, animals, and trained personnel a large open OR for individual or group training events. Advanced AV system and broadband internet with conference rooms and large seminar rooms with AV capabilities for didactic training.

Our full range of Bioskills & Post-Market Physician Training Programs

  • Animal model-based training
  • Cadaver-based training
  • Surgeon-to-surgeon training
  • Salesforce training for product launches
  • Physician training for ongoing market penetration