October 26, 2018

Toxikon Launches New Website and Educational Resources

Toxikon Corporation, a leading global preclinical contract research organization (CRO), has launched a new website at www.toxikon.com, targeted towards scientists, engineers, and regulatory professionals involved in developing and commercializing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biologic products.

“For more than 40 years, Toxikon has shown that quality science and ongoing education are key to quickly and successfully developing medical products,” said Dr. Laxman S. Desai, Chief Executive Officer and President. “We remain committed to helping our partners and clients bring novel therapies to market efficiently, and will stand by them through every step of the regulatory pathway. Our relaunched website is an important resource for prospective clients to understand the preclinical process and understand how to navigate that process efficiently.”

Toxikon’s new website features in-depth descriptions of preclinical tests and sample requirements; commentary on regulations and industry guidance; and white papers, webinars, and other educational resources developed by subject matter experts. The new site features a mobile-responsive design for easier reading on smartphones and tablets, along with a refreshed visual identity and improved navigation.

“Toxikon’s distinguished scientific staff not only fully understand medical device and pharmaceutical testing requirements; many of our key department heads and study directors are on the industry regulatory bodies and technical committees that develop the guidance all laboratories follow,” said Nancy DiGiulio, executive vice president. “They, along with the rest of our dedicated staff, own the preclinical testing process right from the start, through completion to submission. We promise to deliver exceptional expertise and results our customers can rely on to be timely, accurate, and cost-effective.”