Pathological assessments distinguish any gross clinical or microscopic changes in preclinical research safety and efficacy studies.

Pathology Testing Services

Toxikon’s pathologist’s skills and expertise in comparing morphologic changes with biological phenomena puts us at the forefront of assisting sponsors in tissue assessment. These groups are responsible for establishing criteria for the interpretation for a wide variety of studies and animal models.

We are dedicated to providing sound research programs that require large amounts of data to be collected, prepared, evaluated and interpreted in order to meet your development goals. Our toxicology data is collected in Provantis, which enhances data collection accuracy, speed and reporting.

Toxikon Expertise in Clinical Pathology Evaluation Services

Toxikon’s facilities are equipped to provide complete GLP-compliant necropsy, clinical pathology, and histopathology services, and we routinely offer a wide variety of specialty pathology-based disciplines to meet the demand of the evolving development community. Our laboratory meets the highest standards for preclinical research in compliance with GLP regulations.